The standard version of ninocam® from alfaloc media is designed as a 2D solution and is equipped with an autofocus camera for close-up and long-range use in each camera housing.

ninocam® offers numerous configuration options for this single camera in order to guarantee the best possible image result for every customer.

Lenses & Filters

In addition to different lenses, there are various sensors to choose from in the standard equipment. Lenses and sensors can be freely combined with one another as required.

With optional filters, e.g. for the UV or infrared display, other output formats can also be produced. These filters are not part of the standard ninocam® equipment, but can be permanently installed as additional components.

The autofocus camera supports HDR technology so that various image sequences can run automatically.

Image quality

Thanks to the highly sensitive integrated components, ninocam® creates high-precision recordings with maximum colour fidelity and minimal image noise, even with a poor light source, such as candlelight, for example.

No additional flash is therefore required. Even under constantly changing light conditions, the image and colour quality remain consistently high without having to change the camera settings.

ninocam® automatically adapts to the given conditions in a matter of seconds and reliably delivers consistently high-quality output results.


ninocam® is powered by an integrated motor that automatically controls the autofocus, eliminating the need for manual adjustments by the operator.

The impetus for this is provided by the specially developed nino software, which defines all the necessary settings and coordinates the individual components with maximum precision.

ninocam® can also be operated using an automated remote control, so the presence of an operator on site is not absolutely necessary.

Power Supply

The power is supplied via an external battery pack, which means that ninocam® can be used independently of fixed power sources and with no annoying power cable, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Since ninocam® is also extremely energy-efficient, it can be used over a very long period of time, which can be extended as required by cascading additional battery packs.

Use as a 2D camera

As a space-saving individual device, ninocam® creates all types of high-resolution 2D images. The necessary settings for the autofocus camera are controlled by the corresponding nino software, so that after just a short introduction, the ninocam® can easily be operated by persons without specific camera know-how.

Thanks to its small size it is ideally suited for use in product photography and quality assurance - even in small spaces and laboratories.

In addition, the heavy duty housing of ninocam® makes it highly suitable for everyday use. It can even be used without restrictions in difficult conditions, for example in environments with extreme weather conditions.

It is therefore an extremely reliable solution for outdoor use, for example for construction site documentation. (Specifically for outdoor use, we also offer ninocam® in an orange color edition for better visibility).

Use as a 3D Camera

ninocam® can also be used as a 3D camera in two ways:

If ninocam® is mounted on a tripod with a rotating or panning function, it is possible to create 3D images with high precision and colour fidelity. This is achieved thanks to the different camera angles of the individual images and subsequent processing with our nino software.

if two or more ninocams® are combined and operated synchronously, you get a fully-fledged 3D solution that can capture and display multiple focal lengths at the same time.


The nino software developed for ninocam® enables the precise control of the camera, the storage of all images and - when used as a 3D camera - their conversion into scalable, high-resolution 3D representations.

To carry out the relevant steps, all operators receive a short training course, which again does not require any specific previous knowledge.

The nino software is included in the standard ninocam® equipment .

Standard equipment

The standard ninocam® model from alfaloc media includes the following components :

Corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty aluminium housing
Motor (permanently integrated)
High-precision camera with autofocus, selectable lens and sensor (permanently integrated)
nino software for ninocam®
External battery pack

Optional accessories

To extend the application possibilities of ninocam® the following additional components are available :

Rotating and swiveling unit (for 3D recordings)
Additional battery packs (for cascading for long-term use)
Remote control