With ninoscan® from alfaloc media, you can create high-precision 2D and 3D images with just one click. In contrast to conventional scanners, it is not necessary to change the recording angle or circle an object  – thanks to the three integrated high-performance cameras.

With its fixed focus for clearly defined work areas, ninoscan® guarantees detailed images of the highest quality even in poorly lit environments and can also be used as a high-speed camera.

Lenses & Filters

In addition to different lenses, there are various sensors available for the camera configuration of ninscan®. By integrating these different sensors, ninoscan® can be used for capturing black-and-white or color images and as a thermal image, night vision or UV camera, depending on the area of application and the desired output format. Optimisation of the data volume and faster creation of the individual frames can also be achieved to make project work more efficient and save resources.

For very specific customer requirements it is also possible to combine three different camera configurations within one device. This offers the possibility of taking long-distance AND close-up shots at the same time with a single shot, or of depicting different distance ranges at once and with the same sharpness.

In this way, exact 1 : 1 representation of spatial distances, the relationship between objects and an even better detailed overview can be realised with just one click (ideal for use in land surveying, on construction sites and for police recordings).


The nino software developed for ninoscan® enables the precise control of the individual cameras, the storage of all images and their conversion into scalable, high-resolution 3D representations.

The relevant steps can be carried out independently by all project participants after a short training course; specific previous knowledge is not required.

Our customers also have the option of receiving the manufacturer SDK for the integrated cameras instead of the nino standard software for nincoscan® and developing software in-house according to their own needs.

Power Supply

Power is supplied via an external battery pack.

ninoscan® can therefore be used independently of fixed power sources and with no annoying power cable, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Since ninoscan® is also extremely energy-efficient, it can be used over a very long period of time, which can be extended as required by cascading additional battery packs.

Standard equipment

The standard ninoscan® model from alfaloc media includes the following components:

Corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty aluminium housing
Motor (permanently integrated)
High-precision cameras with fixed focus, selectable lenses and sensors (permanently integrated)
nino standard software OR manufacturer SDK for your own software programming
External battery pack

Optional accessories

To extend the application possibilities of ninoscan® the following additional components are available:

Rotating and swiveling unit (for 360° shots)
Additional battery packs (for cascading for long-term use)
Remote control